Peter’s story

Peter joined Making Wood Work in February 2015. His determination to get back into ‘work mode’ has led to him gaining confidence in his abilities and finding paid employment.

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Peter’s story 
A friend had recommended Glasgow Wood Recycling to me as I had been long-term unemployed and was looking for something to get me back into work mode. After speaking to Eileen at GWR I started the 10 week Making Wood Work course.

I had an interest in learning some new skills, and found the folk tutoring the group to be really good at what they were doing; always patient and always ready to impart valuable tips. I met a good bunch of people, volunteering like myself. We were all from different backgrounds, but we all got on really well, and this was due to the overall environment within GWR as well as the staff who work there.

Making Wood Work 
At Making Wood Work we were making things that customers would purchase. You are in an actual work environment and you are expected to meet certain standards. This was good for me, as being out of work for a while I needed a sense that I was working towards something useful. The really good thing about this programme is that it doesn’t end after the 10 weeks; they are really motivated to progress their volunteers into work or further advancement through courses and I was really impressed by this.

Moving on 
It was a good experience for me. My confidence got the boost it needed and I learned new skills, and ultimately I found paid employment, which I am over the moon about.

And the difference? 
Overall I would say, if you are wanting to make a change for the better in your life, if you are willing to learn some new skills or perhaps you just always wanted to get into a bit of wood-working, then the Making Wood Work course is no bad thing at all. I would recommend it to anyone.

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