Glasgow Wood Recycling is a social enterprise and charity established in 2006. We are committed to reducing the amount of wood needlessly going to landfill by finding creative and socially inclusive ways to reuse this valuable natural resource.

The wood waste that we collect from all over Glasgow is gathered and sorted at our South Street workshop, we then reuse it to make quality furniture and design bespoke pieces for home, businesses and social sector organisations, anything from tables in bars to eco-gardens in schools!

Through these activities, and at the heart of what we do, we provide volunteer and training opportunities to local people, as a practical way of tackling unemployment and social exclusion.


Glasgow Wood Recycling is delighted to be a Revolve accredited retail business.  The Revolve certification shows our partners and customers that we are committed to delivering a high quality retail experience.

The Revolve certification gives customers reassurance to shop second hand and recycled products with confidence and Glasgow Wood Recycling has met the highest quality standards.

Revolve, run by Zero Waste Scotland, is a re-use quality standard for shops and businesses who sell second hand or recycled goods in Scotland.

Our Team


Glasgow Wood Recycling work closely with other organisations that share our goal to reduce waste and provide training and volunteering opportunities in the local community.
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Eco Schools

Glasgow Wood Recycling is proud to have worked with many Eco-Schools across central Scotland, creating beautiful and bespoke outdoor learning, teaching and growing areas from our reclaimed timber.

Read more about Eco Schools

Reuse or Recycle

At Glasgow Wood Recycling our main ambition is to reuse the wood we collect rather than recycling it. Meaning, we use the wood in its current form and transform it into the quality products that we sell.

Reuse is extremely environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require as extensive breakdown and re- manufacturing processes as the recycling of wood does. When we recycle the wood we collect as it is not suitable for reuse.

Visit the Zero Waste Scotland site for more information.

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