Volunteering at Glasgow Wood Recycling

Volunteers are no doubt at the heart of Glasgow Wood Recycling, playing an active and valuable role in all aspects of the enterprise. With a wide range of ways to get involved  and a commitment by Glasgow Wood Recycling to make volunteering a positive experience all concerned can benefit. Volunteers don’t need to have previous experience, just a willingness and commitment to help and get involved. We welcome people from all backgrounds and provide training and support.

Alex - volunteer at GWR

Alex's Story

Alex joined Glasgow Wood in 2011 as a volunteer and is now employed as Machine Shop and Retail Assistant with the company. For Alex, customer satisfaction and the environmental benefits of wood recycling are important aspects of his work.

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If you would like some further information about volunteering or to arrange a workshop tour please call Owen on 0141 237 8566 or owen@glasgowwoodrecycling.org.uk

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